Company Portfolio

Magazine Style company portfolio

The week is just starting and I created this amazing magazine style company portfolio. I’ve focused on this mini project from design to finish. Design, Print, Bind, Cut, Crease & Fold. It’s just like a symphony… And for the output simply awesome! I love my work! Have a great week everyone cheers! I Am JM

Genesis Screenshot

Genesis : Coming soon Cron Countdown Template

Before every awesome website there is a Coming soon page before it. I have made this template with simplicity of style in mind. Let’s start with a subtle fade-in during page load. Then came the Logo and I’ve placed a Cron countdown timer in the middle of the page. Hmmm…. We need to communicate.. Let’s […]

PHP : How to remove last character in the string?

PHP Question: If you have a string generated by a loop and having an unnecessary character at the end of your string, a coma “,” for example which probably you’ve generated from a loop. $string=’a,b,c,e,d,f,g,’; Here’s a couple of many solution to take.

I hope you find this helpful. Have a great day! I […]

Don’t stop believing…

Don’t stop believing…

© JM Disuanco

One BIG Smile

taken at Rigga Dubai


2013 New Year Fireworks

2013 New Year’s eve fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sunset at Dubai creek

Sunset in Dubai creek

Perfect Sunset I took while riding the water taxi on my way to Bur Dubai.



Bulldozer in the sand


Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa with mini Christmas tree


The Bench

Bench at the park